Only one original jewelry "SENSE" in the world
Eleanor Page

The New Era of Fans

While Fans have lived fifteen centuries of glory, nowadays they are no longer considered as luxury accessories. They can be found in some stalls around the world, but they do not possess their glory anymore. What we want to do, is to bring the fans back to their glory again. Indeed, not only they can be weared as luxury accessories, but they can also be useful in most of high-class events, such as fashion shows.

Fan to SENSE

The realization of [Sense=扇子] was proudly developed by [GrandeRoss1] by mixing various designs with current fashion trends. The outer part has a stylish design, dynamic proportions and elegant details. The name [SENSE] is in the Japanese alphabet, however what GrandeRoss1 wants to tell is the feeling within the word, including the elegance and the sensibility that lay in the word [SENSE] itself. Usually the bone structure of the sense is made of bamboo, however, our sense is also made of aluminium and brass. All the finest details are made by the fine works of Tokyo’s artisans. Moreover, he leather used for the fan is the finest leather from Florence, Italy. Nevertheless, we have treated the leather to make it thin as .0, and brought up the coloring and the vividness thanks to the leather texture. Lastly, the finishing touch is made by the artisans in Kyoto, Japan, making each sense with the finest quality. Indeed, to make a sense, there is nothing better than just pure Japanese craftsmanship.