Two keywords: “elegant and luxury”.
This is the aim of my items.
Enhancing the details making them “chic”,
but preserving the Japanese quality.
This is GrandeRoss1. No boundaries

Brand History

In July 2015, Japanese Luxury Brand [GrandeRoss1] was created with an vision, the vision is to spread the high reliability and technique Japan has to offer and mix it with the contemporary fashion trend and design. Japanese precision techniques are known for their high quality and cost friendly, we as a company has changed the idea from the past and included a high qualilty luxury into the new japanese style and for people all over the world to have a chance to experience it. The Brand name GrandeRoss1 is a mix of the itaian word [Grande] which means "Great" and the end of my name Hiroshi and turned it into "Ross1" with using numerical 1 to represent the will of the company to rise to the top of the world. Preserving the traditional authentic design however mixing with a new design. From Sensu "japanese folding fan" to SENSE (modern scenary of Sensu). What we visualize is the european authentic luxury fashion scenes, brands known all over the world. These have a great history because of the high craftmanship and that has a chance. Withoit saying, Japan is well known for crafting. Having a history of 1000 years, sensu renovated into [SENSE] has pride to say it has world known quality. A fusion of the contemporary fashion trend and the craftmanship by the Japanese artisian, GrandeRoss1 will challenge the world with the SENSE.

Hiroshi Watanabe

The reason I started the brand all began when I met a Swiss friend whom I studied with at College in the United States. When I went to Switzerland after studying abroad, my friend had a Japanese fan. "Why does a foreigner have a traditional style Japanese fan?” I thought. Research shows that the fan began in Japan more than 1,000 years ago, later spreading to Europe. Looking back at this history, I wondered why nowadays there were only traditional designs or cheap ones. Why was there no fan that fit modern trends? However, at that time, I was still a college student so I didn't consider launching a brand. After graduation, I joined an IT venture company. After about one year, the feeling I had to create a modern luxury folding fan revived, and I could no longer control my desire to make my vision come to life. When I consulted with a president acquaintance of mine, after being reassured that it was an interesting idea, I was determined to become independent. From that moment on, I started looking for a partner to create the ideal SENSE. After visiting various fan manufacturers, I was finally able to partner with a long-established manufacturer in Kyoto who also believed in my vision, saying "this is it!" However, there were many challenges still to overcome. Now, I want to create a unique contemporary design using both aluminum and 18K gold for both sides of the folding fan (called the ribs). I worked diligently to find a metal processing partner until at last I found the ideal metal processing company in Tokyo. After about a year of trial and error, SENSE was finally completed with every aspect to perfection.