Two keywords: “elegant and luxury”.
This is the aim of my items.
Enhancing the details making them “chic”,
but preserving the Japanese quality.
This is GrandeRoss1. No boundaries

Brand History

In July 2015, Japanese Luxury Brand [GrandeRoss1] was created with an vision, the vision is to spread the high reliability and technique Japan has to offer and mix it with the contemporary fashion trend and design. Japanese precision techniques are known for their high quality and cost friendly, we as a company has changed the idea from the past and included a high qualilty luxury into the new japanese style and for people all over the world to have a chance to experience it. The Brand name GrandeRoss1 is a mix of the itaian word [Grande] which means "Great" and the end of my name Hiroshi and turned it into "Ross1" with using numerical 1 to represent the will of the company to rise to the top of the world. Preserving the traditional authentic design however mixing with a new design. From Sensu "japanese folding fan" to SENSE (modern scenary of Sensu). What we visualize is the european authentic luxury fashion scenes, brands known all over the world. These have a great history because of the high craftmanship and that has a chance. Withoit saying, Japan is well known for crafting. Having a history of 1000 years, sensu renovated into [SENSE] has pride to say it has world known quality. A fusion of the contemporary fashion trend and the craftmanship by the Japanese artisian, GrandeRoss1 will challenge the world with the SENSE.

Hiroshi Watanabe

I have always been a motorsports fan since I was little, my dream was to become a professional race car driver. When I was in high school, I got accepted in a audition for a racing team. From that day on every month I will be going around circuits in japan driving from racing karts to formula machines. The biggest decision in my life was when I was thinking to enroll in university, to continue pursuing a dream of becoming a professional race car driver or enroll in university and do my future business. After thinking over and over I have come to realize to pursue as a professional race car driver was difficult. At the same time another dream came to my vision, start my own business and that is why I have enrolled in university. During my university studies, I went to Santa Barbara CA for year to study english. During my stay I had the opportunity to study US fashion trends and other trends beside the ones I knew back in Japan. However the biggest impact in my life was when I went to go visit my friend in Switzerland, I went to a party and saw an elegant swiss woman holding a Japanese Sensu. After meeting her I did some research and found out a lot of women carry around Sensu to a party, this open my world and this was the very first chapter of [GrandeRoss1]. After I return to Japan, I started working for a venture company to have a chance to experience the workstyle and someday leading for me to start a business. As I was working as sales I had countless opportunities in meeting presidents of other companies and everyday was very exciting. After working for about a year, my strong emotion for Sensu grew more stronger. In June 2015 I have decided to quit and decided to pursue my passion of Sensu. In July the same year, GrandeRoss1 was established. When GrandeRoss1 was established, I had my concept sketch and business card and went around more than 100 companies in hope of finding a partner for making my SENSE. Finally after a long search, a traditional company in Kyoto Japan was interested in my concept and decided to partner up with me. Next I wanted desing and use metal or aluminium in the bone structure of the SENSE...I started looking for a partner in which specialized in alumimium plating and found a company in Tokyo. After 6 months of trials and errors, finally my kind of SENSE I want to share with the world was made.& Finally GrandeRoss1's SENSE is started.