How to properly fan the SENSE

SENSE is not to only cool you down, it is a fashion item that makes you look very elegant when fanned properly. When you fan, hold it under your face, turn slightly aside to give a more beautiful impression.

How to open

When opening SENSE, first hold the essential part so that the rib is on the right with your right hand, and add the left hand just under the paper part. Next, push open to the other side of the rib with the thumb of the left hand, hit the other fingers against the fan and press the remaining part. Let’s open it quietly with the thumb of the left hand one by one. It is a habit to leave the last one to three fan bones attached to the ribs and leave it unopened.
The fan opens only in one direction (right direction). Trying to open in the opposite direction may cause breakage of the fan, damage to the fan. Let’s try to open it quietly when opening SENSE.

How to close

When closing SENSE, hold the essential (Kaname) part with the right hand and gently put the left hand just under the paper. At that time, alternately use the index finger and the middle finger of the left hand and quietly close one by one.

History of the folding fan

About 1,200 years ago, it was born in Japan during the Kamakura period. At the time, in addition to the role of fans, it was also used to communicate mutually by writing ceremonies, gifts, and poems. Later on it also serves as a role of a status symbol becoming necessities for nobilities. Kimono were the clothe worn by women and men were batting weave called jinbaori, the fan was popular enough for each person to posses at least one because it can be folded.
During the Kamakura period, it was exported to China, which was also transmitted to Europe. In France during the Louise Dynasty it is said that the appearance of ladies who flicker fans were seen in social gatherings. In the late Edo period, the folding fan which was transmitted to Europe was reimported back to Japan and started producing “”silk fan”” using silk. Later on it was once again exported from Japan to overseas. “”SENSU”” fans are Japanese-born and familiar items to Japanese, but the current situation is that there are only Japanese modern folding fan designs. “”GrandeRoss 1″” was born by fusing Japanese craftsmen’s technology and authentic European design. In 2017, based in Italy and Japan, the brand adopts designs that are in line with modern nobility (luxury) fashion and transmitting to the world.