Our Philosophy


“SENSE” Beyond Sensu

A Sensu is a Japanese traditional crafts and needless to say that it suits to Japanese clothes.
However how often people wear Japanese clothes?

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We, GrandeRoss1 has pursued another style of Sensu which suits to western clothes for global market, designed to meet the needs of the times, integrated designs of European luxury car, maison brand with Japanese traditional beauty and finally created totally new masterpiece.

That is SENSE.



SENSE from GrandeRoss1 combines fashionability and functionality made from uncompromised materials including fine leather, steel, gold and diamond to brighten your daily life.



Leathers are deeply ingrained in Italian soil as culture. Traditional leather processing methods such as Vachetta process producing not only great color but exceptionally fine leather, have been used for 1000 years. Also Italy passionately fosters leather culture such as having the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium which is the world’s only certification body for 100% vegetable-tanned leather. Toscana is renowned for thousands of tanners processing leather sincerely and we source leather material from the best among them for SENSE.

Platinum Aluminum

Unlike ordinary aluminum, we use platinum plated aluminum. Normally plating on aluminum is technically difficult, so brass material is common but not ideal as brass Sensu would be heavier. However a small factory in Tokyo successfully managed plating on aluminum to balance weight and luster. It is platinum aluminum that gives you platinum like brightness created by innovative technology.


"All shining things are not gold".
GrandeRoss1 invites the "gold standard" to the next level. A flagship model from GrandeRoss1 uses 18K solid gold as this alloy has an ideal balance of beauty and hardness.


Although SENSE "shines like a diamond", that doesn't mean any diamond is usable. GrandeRoss1 strictly follow Kimberly Process Certification Scheme when sourcing diamonds and carefully select thoroughly based on highest standard. Our commitment and effort to check and set diamonds in detail make GrandeRoss1 presence as like rough diamonds. All jewelry models from GrandeRoss1 have passed rigorous tests including wet test using soap water, ultrasonic test and so on.


Finishing of SENSE

“Never ends.... The further we go, the more we try to overcome impossibility” cited by Hiroshi Watanabe, founder of GrandeRoss1 explains how to treat fine details only visible to experienced craft worker can drastically change finishing of products. Our specific detailed finishing process transforms glossless metal material to brilliant and fascinating SENSE. We, GrandeRoss1 elaboratively controls finishing process at each step as even negligible deviation may degrade functionality of SENSE. We keep striving to offer highest quality to enrich our customers’ brilliance.


Commitment to Japanese-made Products

Japanese-made products have been evolved and widely spread worldwide postwar period. Advantageous features of Japanese-made products are reliability, safety and high quality. However overseas manufactures are catching up declining Japanese manufactures as a consequence of increasing labor cost, lack of craft workers or business successor issue. We, GrandeRoss1 will promote a Sensu which was invented more than 1000 years, in different way to regenerate as combination of Japanese proud heritage and European luxury.

Hairline Finishing

Platinum Finishing